sitting fit

Train yourself to sit painfree, productive, and well

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Learn how to set yourself up for comfortable sitting work. 

If you do it right, sitting is less effort, not something you "work at" to hold.

Redeem 50% OFF a 1-hour Manual Physical Therapy Visit!

Feel and experience how we can help you with one hour of hands on techniques to mobilize long-standing restrictions in your joints and fascia that will improve your ease with sitting and moving better. If desired, these sessions can also include trigger point dry needling and prescriptive exercises. 

Abolish pain from sitting, even if you sit all day!

Your set up, posture, and movement habits abolish tension, pain, and compression. 

Learn unique exercises you can d0 during your sitting time that relieve stress and pain through mobility.

These are part of what we teach our patients. Tried and true, practical, and effective.
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